Mixing juices, beverages, teas, and various liqueurs is always fun. It’s like being in a chemistry classroom. Sometimes being creative with what you have handy in the pantry or fridge can give great surprises! One evening a friend and her husband stopped by for an impromptu quick dinner, and we discovered a fabulous drink – a non-alcoholic cocktail.

I always like to start my dinners at home with aperitifs, drinks alongside little things to nibble. While I was preparing everything, my friend announced to us that she was pregnant and could not drink alcohol. After the happy congratulations and hugs I had to think quickly. I did not want her to have only a glass of water… too boring! I also wanted to celebrate this wonderful news with something special! I told her that I would make her a healthy cocktail to drink. After rummaging in my pantry and fridge, I found some ingredients that would make a wonderful easy cocktail! And of course, all the ingredients are from Trader Joe’s.

non alcoholic Trader Joes cocktail recipe

The key to this cocktail is a brand new  TJ’s Tropical Juice (in a box) made with 4 fruit juice purees and no artificial colors and flavors. I added my secret ingredient, Yuzu Citrus Tisane Beverage (Believe it or not, I use this drink in my hot and cold teas,  baking, and even in some vinaigrettes!).  Next was another favorite, aloe vera juice.   This cocktail is actually high in iron, calcium and Vitamin C.  I made this cocktail again during a cooking class with seniors who did not want to drink at night and it was a big hit.

It’s a refreshing and flavorful non-alcoholic cocktail, but for a little extra kick, you can certainly add (to taste) some rum, tequila, gin or vodka.  Any of those choices would be delicious!


  • 1 pouch Yuzu citrus tisane beverage
  • 3 oz aloe pulp juice
  • 4 oz Tropical Fruit (juice in a box)
  • 4 oz young coconut water

* All ingredients are from Trader Joe’s


  1. In a shaker or a jar with a lid shake well all ingredients.
  2. Serve immediately.
  3. Decorate with fresh fruits.


Even great for kids’ birthday parties!


About Celine: Celine Cossou-Bordes is the author of “Cooking with Trader Joe’s: Pack A Lunch!” and packs fantastic lunches for her twins every day.

She writes regularly on her blog at Celine’s Cuisine. She teaches cooking to adults and kids in Temecula, California, and specializes in healthy cooking education and catering.