Trader Joe’s Frozen Crushed Garlic is a favorite of ours – fresh tasting crushed garlic frozen in what looks like a miniature ice cube tray. They work great anywhere you need garlic and are especially perfect for adding to homemade salad dressing, a soup, homemade hummus or other dips. 

I love the taste of fresh garlic, and I think that a little bit of garlic takes so many dishes to another level. I always have fresh bulbs of garlic in the kitchen although I’ll admit that for years I’ve become more and more fond of these frozen cubes (and not cleaning my garlic press or cutting board!). We refer to them quite often in our Trader Joe’s cookbooks, as an alternative to fresh garlic.

I don’t want you to equate frozen garlic with jarred garlic. I will say right away that I’m not a fan of jarred crushed garlic. The first spoonful might taste fresh, but once that jar sits in the fridge for a couple of days, every remaining spoonful tastes stale to me. Fresh garlic is fabulous, but stale garlic will drag your dish down with it.  My neighbor came over last week to borrow some garlic powder. I cut my tray of frozen crushed garlic in half and sent him home with it. He has been converted!

The frozen garlic cubes taste fresh and are convenient to pop out of the little trays. Each cube also happens to be a measured teaspoon – handy if you’re sticking to a recipe. If I’m sauteing something, I will toss the cubes in still frozen – they take a minute to thaw in the pan, so they’re less likely to scorch or brown (burned garlic = bitter garlic). Check the freezer cases at Trader Joe’s and give it a try.