Trader Joe’s is your one stop shop for Thanksgiving. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when making a big meal, but a Thanksgiving feast really can be a stress-free and low fuss event with a little bit of planning and a few easy shortcuts from Trader Joe’s. Here are our favorite Thanksgiving buys –  it was tough to keep this list short!

Turkeys!  Turkeys have landed at Trader Joe’s! Last year, we tried the brined turkeys and they were juicy and delicious, receiving raves from all our guests. We like to rub the turkey with olive oil, season with salt and black pepper, and then stuff the turkey with 2 lemons cut in half, a bulb of garlic with cloves cut in half and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary. Roast at 325˚ F until turkey reaches temperature (varies depending on size). 

Vegetarian? Look no further for Tofurky, also available at TJ’s.

Thanksgiving Table Turkey

Turkey Gravy: Trader Joe’s all-natural boxed turkey gravy is thick, rich and savory, and so convenient. Perfect for pouring over juicy turkey or using in our Shepherd’s Pie (recipe below)! Good news for those who have wheat sensitivity – no wheat ingredients used in this gravy.

Cornbread Stuffing Mix: Hearty croutons bursting with savory flavor.  Serve as prepared, or add your own selections of cranberries, nuts, mushrooms, or diced sausage. We like to sauté one chopped trimmed leek (about a cup’s worth) and one container sliced crimmini mushrooms in 1 Tbsp olive oil and add it to the prepared stuffing.

Spiced Apple Cider:  For the best smelling kitchen in the neighborhood, simmer cider in a pot with cinnamon sticks or your favorite mulling spices. Serve warm.

In the mashed potato department, you’re minutes away from fluffy white peaks of  buttery potatoes. Try frozen Mashed Potatoes or boxed instant Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Fried Onion Pieces:  Perk up that boring green bean casserole or vegetable gratin with these crispy toppings. If you make a green salad or a soup, top with some fried onion pieces.

Pumpkin Pancake & Waffle Mix:  Don’t forget breakfast! This delicious mix, perfect for Thanksgiving day, has been getting cheers across the country.  Serve with maple syrup and pumpkin butter.


Pumpkin Butter:  Use this sweet pumpkin blend to fill little tarts, stir into soups, serve on scones, add to ice cream or yogurt, fold into puff pastry turnovers, or spread on pumpkin pancakes.

Try a dollop on top of Pumpkin Oatmeal.  

Trader Joes pumpkin Butter

Adorable Vegetables: Who can resist Teeny Tiny Potatoes, Tri-Color Pearl Onions, or Organic Baby Sweet Potatoes.  Almost too cute to eat.

Pie Crust:  These convenient frozen gourmet crusts bake up flakey and delicious. Each package contains 2 crusts and this year they are boxed so that there is no unfolding involved.  Fill with your own pumpkin filling using Organic Canned Pumpkin for an Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie. For a zero-fuss ready-made dessert, try Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Tart, Honey Pecan Tart, or Baked Apple Pie. Top with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Fill out your recipes with Free Range Chicken Broth, TJ’s Whole Kernel Corn in the famous yellow can, Cornbread Mix, Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix, Organic Sweetened Condensed Milk, ready-to-use Wild Rice, and fresh whole cranberries for making your own Homemade Cranberry Sauce.

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