The entire month of October is Vegetarian Awareness Month and today is the kickoff. There are many reasons for going vegetarian, but no matter what yours are, we have plenty of yummy, easy, and healthy vegetarian recipes for you. In fact, we put our best ones in our popular “Cooking with Trader Joe’s: Vegetarian” cookbook. Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply looking for new ways to incorporate veggies and grains into your diet, these recipes and shortcut ingredients from Trader Joe’s make it easy. Our book includes new recipes such as Black Bean Burgers (my 10-year-old son tells me he likes these way better than regular burgers!), Portobello “Cheesesteak”, Veggie Masala Scramble, and other hearty favorites. Check it out on Amazon.

Here are a handful of recipes to get you going:

Tamale Casserole Recipe Trader Joe's

Tamale Bake: Trader Joe’s polenta is available in ready-to-use tubes. Just slice them, layer them in a pan, and top with black beans, veggies, cheese, salsa, and Trader Joe’s soy chorizo. Add a second layer and bake. It’s easy, gluten-free, and delicious.

Gnutmeg Gnocchi: This recipe is by far my favorite way to make gnocchi and everyone who has it asks for the recipe. It’s simple and delicious. Just caramelize onions, add walnuts, nutmeg, and garlic. Then wilt in a whole bag of baby spinach and finish with some Parmesan.

Nutmeg Gnocchi Cooking with Trader Joe's
Taco Soup Recipe Cooking with Trader Joe's

Taco Soup: Just like the recipe title suggests, this is a taco in soup form where everyone can add their favorite taco fixings. For the vegetarian version, we use Trader Joe’s Chicken-less Strips.

Simply Quiche is versatile, easy, and delicious. Pair with a salad for dinner, or serve at brunch. This basic recipe is great because you can play around with different veggies and fillings, even different cheeses – just keep the eggs and half-and-half the same as well as the measurements of the veggies and cheeses. Trader Joe’s frozen pie crust takes out most of the prep so you can get it in the oven fast.

Quiche Recipe Trader Joe's
Sweet and Sour Tofu Recipe Cooking with Trader Joe's

Sweet and Sour Tofu is a crispy, pan-fried tofu, paired with veggies and a sauce that is flavored with honey, soy sauce, and garlic.

Addictive Vegetarian Tacos: Meatless Meatballs help form the base of these tacos, along with the addition of steamed lentils and veggies, all flavored with Trader Joe’s Taco Seasoning.

Vegetarian Taco Recipe Cooking with Trader Joes