Who would like a Trader Joe’s gift basket or care package? Someone you know, of course!

Trader Joe’s has an incredible number of holiday items right now and it’s so much fun to put together a gift basket.  There are even cute gift sets of chocolate bars, coffees, and salt scrubs. Put together a basket of chocolates, a basket of teas, a basket of gluten-free products, or simply gather your favorites.

Gift basket Trader Joe's
Gluten Free gift basket Trader Joe's


At the Del Mar Harvest Festival this year, a lady bought a stack of a dozen of our Trader Joe’s cookbooks – she said she was making gift baskets with them.  Each gift basket would contain the ingredients for one of
her favorite recipes in the book. And for about $20 you can really fill a gift basket with lots of Trader Joe’s ingredients–pasta, sauces, baking mixes.


The cookbooks also pair well with TJ’s colorful shopping bags (fold one in half and place the book on top, tying together with a ribbon).  They’re a natural with cool kitchen gadgets . And they magically turn a TJ gift certificate into a more personal gift (just wrap a festive ribbon around the cookbook and tie on the gift certificate. Voila! By pairing with a larger item, the tiny gift certificate also becomes much harder to lose).

For a quick visual how-to, check out Wona’s TV spot on making great gift baskets.